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The Walk-Thru

The inspector will walk through the property with you and point out any safety hazards, security risks, or damage they may find. This is ideal for someone who wants to get a general feel for the property before renting or for landlords who are looking to fix up their rental property. The SaferStays’™ Walk-Thru is a cost-effective way to safe guard your rental space! This inspection is a consultation only, meaning no report or pictures are provided. We encourage you to bring a notebook or an iPad to take notes! Creating peace of mind, one inspection at a time!

Please note: The customer must be present for this consultation.

The Customized Condition Assessment

This is our most popular service among college students! The SaferStays™ condition assessment is great for people who live out of town, international students, or parents who want to make sure that the description given to them and the lease are accurate. We will provide you with a blank inspection template and you will indicate what you would like our inspector to check for, such as the furniture present, working appliances, specific safety features, etc. We can use the pictures you were given to compare with our findings. Our customized condition assessment is tailored to fit your needs! We create peace of mind, one inspection at a time!

*Finished report and pictures are provided

The Safety Inspection

SaferStays™ revolutionary safety inspection is designed for all renters who want reassurance that their prospective or current rental is safe. Landlords who order a safety inspection can use our report to market their property as SaferStays™ inspected. The inspector will use our provided safety inspection template and check the property for any potential safety hazards or security risks. We will then provide you with a finished report with pictures outlining the specific safety hazards and risks that the inspector found! Safe housing awareness, one inspection at a time!


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